Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What went wrong with Glee?

The Problem with Characters, Stereotypes, and Going Flat.
First off, I'd like to say that no matter how disappointed I get with the plot of Glee I still continue to watch it every week. I suppose the writer in me wants to analyze the story line-- Silly as that may sound.I don't mean to toot my own horn when I say that I have been through four years of writing papers, doing revisions, and taking advise from Professors. I know how easy a plot line can turn in the wrong direction and head for a dead end.

I've rooted for Glee since the pilot was first aired. The show was exciting. It offered a sharp comedy that was intensified by Jane Lynch, the show's saving grace. All the characters were flawed but they owned their flaws and that was exciting.

Rachel Berry was a self-centered bitch but it worked for her. What also worked for her was that fellow students couldn't stand being around her. Maybe it is because I tend to appreciate the anti-heroes that I found Miss Berry a very likeable character.

Mercedes was another brilliant character. I loved how angry she would get. I don't care if she's black, white or green, you have to admit everyone loves an explosive character. Yeah, a person can change. A person can develop patience.Their is a point though when every fiery character bursts with frustration. What happened to her? Now, they have type-casted her as "lazy." I'm at a lost for words on this one. I might have missed the ball. Mercedes always gave her all in every song she sang, every tater-tot she fought for, and every friend she wanted to keep.

Finn, he was cute; he was the boy next door. The guy who was adorably stupid with enough talent for sports and what not. Okay, I really don't know why Mr. Schuester wanted him to join New Directions enough to blackmail him with medical marijuana.What made his character was when Rachel pursued him and he was slightly put off. And then, Finn just went for the dogs.

 Other characters are the ultimate stereotypes. I'm not sure if they tried to do this but every additional character defeats the purpose of the show. It was fun in the beginning, but now every song that defines their stereotype has our eyes rolling. We all groan "really?"

Glee Project winners. Poor Damien McGinty! What kind of a game were they playing? My mom is from Ireland, I was born in Ireland as was my sister Lisa, and I do know this: People with accents are popular. It doesn't matter if you understand a thing they say they still are popular. Why would they do that to Damien? He looked like a leprechaun and even tried to be one. "It's not easy being green?" That was just terrible.What idiot tries to get into Brittany's pants by convincing her she's some magical being? If the writer's couldn't find a better way to bring them into the show then they should have completely retired. Then after that episode they just dropped him like a hot potato with the blight.

Samuel Larsen's character is working for him. The only problem is that once again they look as though they won't continue his story except for a few nods toward him here and there. It's only a few episodes in though. So, finger's crossed for teen Jesus.

The main problem with all the characters is that they didn't have enough substance to drive them forward into more seasons. The writer's put more thought into how they can fit into the theme of the day than if it was logical for the character. The character changed so often that it was impossible to know who they truly were.