Sunday, April 29, 2012

What went wrong with Glee? Part 2

A Disjointed Plot

What has often driven me crazy about Glee is the randomness of the story line. It was as though a rotation took place between the main writers, all of which had different agendas for the show. Character's get lost, music themes take central role forcing old plot to fit, and guest stars stupidly added for no reason. The low point of the latter problem was when Blaine's brother shows up. Was this to add depth to Blaine's character or to accommodate actor Matt Bomer? My guess is that Bomer approached Ryan Murphy and said "Hey, love your show! I'd love to be on it!" And Ryan Murphy said, "Sure, let me just find a way to fit you in. I did that for all the other guest stars." The most eyerolling part of the "Big Brother" was when Blaine and brother preformed a ridiculous duet expressing Blaine's anger. Sure, Blaine had a minor reason to sing "Somebody that I used to know" by Gotye, but his brother? Cooper Anderson is oblivious to everyone except himself. If Blaine wanted to tell Cooper that he deserves a little more good attention and little less critical words I'm sure he could have found a better song.

 As for music themes, it completely ruined the reputation of the show. Madonna day was fun, Lady Gaga day was creative and allowed Kurt Hummel to shine. Soon Themes got old. There was Michael Jackson theme, Whitney Huston x2, Hispanic, Disco, Funk, and loads more themes that were supposed to aid the students in their ongoing quest for the right song to perform at regionals. Of course we all know that none of the songs they decide on will be performed and they will only find their perfect trifecta of music during a painful struggle before the show. The themes became a joke; a series of sell-outs. What was the point?

Finally, Glee became a stupid soap opera. Enough said.

If anyone wants an episode by episode analysis of Glee, I would say visit I noticed no one has updated the site in a few weeks but it is a great place to hear someone vent. 

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